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Yoga for Athletes

“My passion for yoga evolved from instructing a hot class.  Into teaching people to be in their bodies and HOW they can put yoga to use to improve their performance on the field, court, track, Crossfit box, Training Center.  The stuff you learn on the mat IS useful in all areas for an athlete. I grew up playing sports and being active. I wasn’t great at any of them but loved them all.  Once I learned what yoga could do for my overall fitness, health, strength, flexibility, I’ve LOVED being able to share with others that same experience.  For over 3 years I have been able to work with ALL shapes, sizes, ages of motivated individuals READY to change up there game.  When you watch someone see how much MORE they are capable of as a whole…and then take that to transform and develop as an athlete is truly amazing.”

Amanda Mendez- Baptiste Yoga Certified, 200 E-RYT, Authentic Yoga Studio

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