What do you do on a yoga retreat???

No, Seriously, what do you do on a yoga retreat, my friend asked.

I laughed because to tell you the truth, the answer is, whatever you want. At least with Authentic Yoga Retreats everything is always optional. Just as I tell my students on their yoga mat in the studio, you have to make the practice yours. You have to make the retreat yours as well. We hold space for everyone to join in any or all of the activities.  Plus time in the afternoon for your own personal time or go wander with the group.

Never been on a yoga retreat? Never done traveled? Never done yoga? Not ever a problem.

We have had new international travelers or just new travelers in general, new retreaters, and even new yoga students. There is no prerequisite. My favorite thing is seeing the amazing group of humans that come together.

Why go on a yoga retreat?

There are so many different reasons everyone shows up. Some it is because they are going through or wanting to make a big life shift. Whether is be physically, mentally, emotionally, they are looking for a breakthrough. Something to break the monotony of the “norm” and disrupt the drift.  Sometimes it’s to simply get away and take a break or have fun traveling in a safe group to amazing destinations.  Here are some great benefits and reasons to book a retreat with Authentic Yoga.

  1. Disconnect to reconnect. It’s nice to be able to leave behind the normal every day wake up and do list. Yes, you might have to break away and get some stuff done for work, chat with kids. But mostly you can set things down and be present. Reconnect with yourself, with nature, with relaxing.
  2. Living with purpose. Some try to do this anyways, but a retreat allows you space to truly be present. Your purpose for retreat is to simply be on retreat, which make it a lot easier to do it with purpose and intention.
  3. Deepen your yoga practice and knowledge. Whether you have done yoga before or not, we learn a lot.  We use yoga as a catalyst to do some self work.  Whether it be physically, mentally, or even professionally. Yoga can benefit your health and other avenues of your life.
  4. Positive energy. Sometimes it’s not you that can’t shake the funk. It’s the environment. It’s the energy. It’s the mood. We create space to do some positive work, self healing if that is what’s need. When we all show up to create that vibe, it grows within the group. It’s awesome to see happen and every cooler to receive that in person at retreat.
  5. Travel. Whether you love travel and exploring new places or are trying to get out of your comfort zone and are facing one of your fears, travel is an experience.  From my experience, it’s not just being in the beautiful destination it’s the entire journey it takes to get there. 
  6. Time for yourself. Some people bring friends/partners/family. Others come by themselves. Both are great. It’s great to be able to commit that time to you or share more focused time with someone you bring along.
  7. Work on health. You can’t do yoga, breathwork, meditation without bringing up the obvious factor that it is good for you. Physically you are working yourself from the inside out. Helping lower heart rate, blood pressure, working into digestion, restores energy, helps kick start your metabolism, boost your immune system. Along with building strength, toning, and gaining flexibility along the way as well. Also increase your balance your range of movement. Possibly seeing and feeling weight loss results as well has a ton of mental health benefits. Better sleep, less stress, less anxiety. Overall just improving the quality of your life.
  8. Learn new things. Continuous growth starts with continuous learning. As we get older we stop seeking out knowledge as much. It’s great to constantly be learning and trying new things. You’re improving brain function and motor skills.  Possibly finding new activities you never thought you’d enjoy as well.
  9. Return refreshed and relaxed. Have you ever been on a trip or vacation you felt you needed a vacation from? We often pack so many thing into our “vacation” that we rarely enjoy most of it. We do fun activities from group hikes, surfing and swimming in the ocean but we also have free time during our day. Lay by the pool, catch up on reading, enjoy a stroll around town. Do your thing. Most everything has been planned for you so, relax. We’ve got you!
  10. You deserve it. Without a doubt, you really do. The more we don’t give ourselves a break from our quick, on-the-go life we start to feel it. These last couple years we have really all started to feel it. Sometimes the break you don’t think you can make time for, is the one you need to make time for.

Overall, there really is no wrong answer to why you should go on a yoga retreat. We want you to show up for you. We always encourage participation, but take part in as little or as much of the retreat as you want. Every retreat is different, even if you return to the same place. Booking a yoga retreat will always result in a unique experience, and each retreat will be different as you continue to grow within yourself. We want your retreat to be Authentic!!!

Can’t wait to see you on retreat!

Where are we headed next?

Check out our next destination retreat by heading to our website. www.authenticyogaretreats.com

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