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It’s hard enough being stuck indoors without A/C when it heats up, let alone voluntarily going into a heated room to sweat out a yoga practice. If you’re struggling to motivate yourself into a heated yoga practice, you’re not alone. However, there are several reasons to jump onto your mat for a heated practice this summer:

  1. The heat can help you deal with the heat.

Sounds crazy, right? Some of us find the summer heat to be unbearable, which is exactly why we should jump into a heated class. Practicing in the hot room during these warm summer months can help you acclimate to the heat outside the room. You will also find that even though it’s hot, your mind will remain cool, calm and collected, inside and outside the room. Well, as much as humanly possible.

You might even see more benefits in your practice. You’ll warm up faster when you get into the heated room which means your body will probably feel different in practice and you might sweat even more. Be sure to keep that H20 level up.

  1. You’ll feel energized after your practice.

It’s not hard to feel exhausted, overworked, stressed, and fed up in the warmer months, both mentally and physically. Ironically enough though, the heat outside the studio room might drain us from playing in the sun all day. Come get in a heated practice before to re-energize!

  1. Your good habits will flourish.

We know that being well hydrated for a heated yoga practice is really beneficial to our practice but for our bodies and mental mindset. This sets you up perfectly to continue hydrating and replenishing electrolytes outside of the room, helping you feel fuller for longer!

  1. Less sleeping in, more yoga-ing.

If you’re not a stereotypical “early bird”, then the winter months can be a struggle – it’s dark outside, it’s cold outside, why would you get out of a warm, comfy bed and sometimes the only answer is “to go to a hot yoga class.” Summer brings us sunshine, and lots of it and earlier in the morning! Maybe it’s a great time to switch your yoga routine to morning classes. Never tried an early morning practice?  It’s a great way to start the rest of your day, and then your practice is completed for you to enjoy all that sunshine later in the afternoon.

  1. You WILL sweat!!!!

Probably a lot, and it’s good for you. The summer heat also brings with it the summer season of BBQs, pool parties, and all the reasons to get outdoors and enjoy! This is where your heated practice, again, comes in handy. It is fantastic for sweating out those nasty toxins that seem to make their way back into our bodies. Sweat out the alcohol, sugar and processed foods to make sure you stay on track always feeling your best physically and mentally.

  1. You’ll be ready for summer…and most all days keeping up with your practice.

Starting or keeping a regular yoga practice, like always, it’ll help you feel confident and content within yourself not just for summer, but in general!  Keep breathing, keep practicing, keep showing up to your mat. We’ll see you at Authentic Yoga Studio.

Like always if you ever have any questions on other tips, tricks, and things you can do to stay connected to your yoga practice when it’s hard to make it to your yoga mat.


Amanda Mendez, Founder, Owner, Operator, Teacher Trainer, Student

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