Are you ready to dive into your yoga practice?

Maybe you’ve been attending yoga classes regularly now or you’ve established a home practice. Possibly you just don’t know where to start at all. If you’d like to step it up a notch or become more informed on what and how to do things, a yoga workshop can offer tools and experiences beyond those usually included in a typical 60-90 minute class. A workshop can last a few hours or take place over a long weekend, span into multiple weeks highlighting a single technique or topic or encompassing several. The possibilities are completely different, but they all have one thing in common: participating in a yoga workshop or teacher training is empowering. Here’s why:

Because everyBODY is different. Multi-level students and classes equal multi-tasking—teachers can’t always personalize instructions and modifications as much as they’d like to. In a workshop, you can ask questions and benefit from targeted assists and advice. If you’re working with a particular issue, such as back or knee pain, a workshop can give you valuable tools for modifying poses and staying pain-free.

Open the door to something deeper. Typically studio classes are asana(posture) based and lots of it. In a workshop, you may discover that less is more. You might spend hours focusing on a single asana/posture. Or you might study other limbs of yoga (there actually 8 of them), such as meditation. Asana is a beautiful way to develop self-knowledge, but it’s the tip of the yoga iceberg. Hidden depths are waiting to be discovered.

Shift your awareness. You already know that stepping out of your comfort zone to try a new teacher or class can tap into a fresh perspective. The focus of a workshop will answer questions you might not even know you had and help you feel more informed about your practice. Building strength and stamina isn’t just physical—focusing on yoga for more than just a workout also shifts your awareness, training you to sustain a yogic perspective on and off the mat.

Renew your commitment. Stepping out of a comfortable routine can help you appreciate your practice all over again. Spark vitality not just in your physical body but your entire being. Good times to shake things up; seasonal shifts, holidays, birthdays or whenever you need renewed energy and a fiercer focus back to yourself and your practice.

Working towards a teacher training. A longer workshop can help you decide whether or not you’re ready for teacher training. Workshops, immersion workshops and training encompass a variety of activities along with teachings about alignment, anatomy and yoga philosophy. As you dive into your yoga practice, workshop, or teacher training. Not only will you start to learn more about yoga itself, you will open a door to get to know the true version of yourself in a much more honest way. Self awareness, mindfulness, and possibly taking that leap to teach a class yourself and help spread the love for the practice.

Check out some of our workshop and training offerings at Authentic Yoga Studio. Whether you are working towards becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher or just wanting to be more knowledgeable about your practice, we’d love to help. Email for more information or check out our current offerings below.

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